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why Vera?

See, some agents add the number of years they have been in the business, plus the number of years their staff has been in the business and use the total as "years in the business" which does not help you sell your house. What matters is the agent's experience in real estate. As a Century 21 professional, I am always there to answer your questions, take care of your needs, and bring you the RESULTS you want. While some agents struggle to make a sale, I would like to show you the quality of our service, and how we became #1 in the world. It is the reputation of the company and my experience in business will bring the buyers into our office and then into your home. It is our advertising and my efforts will sell your home, not the number of years my staff has been in the business. I don't just put a sign in your yard, I get to know you, your needs, and your situation. I believe that great service makes great business!

And there is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND GREAT. Type your paragraph here.

1987 TO PRESENT: Residential Real Estate Agent (Real Estate Broker since 1993). 

As a trained professional, I have the education and the expertise to guide you through every step of selling your house or buying a new home.  I stay informed of the changes in today's real estate market, so you can feel completely confident that I can offer you every possible advantage.  

I know how to set priorities. I market through writing advertisements in newspapers/magazines, Internet, foreign newspapers, newsletters, fliers, personal contact, networking, and using CENTURY 21 Marketing Action Plan.  I deal with clients in person and on the phone.  I qualify buyers and establish individual needs.   I select and show properties, negotiate and close sales.

I work with attorneys, schoolteachers, administrators, civic organizations, doctors, accountants, mortgage companies, architects, builders, etc.

I build clients by establishing rapport and developing referrals through satisfied clients. 

I have prepared Brokers Price Opinion for different financial institutions, San Bernardino County Superior Court, Los Angeles County Superior Court and Asset Management Companies.  I continuously attend real estate marketing courses and classes to enhance my real estate career.



I Work hard to satisfy my clients.  Provide a stress free Real Estate experience.  I stay current with the real estate market changes.  I demonstrate a fiduciary duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealings with my customers. I am diligent, honest and fair. 

There is nothing worse than getting close to settlement and finding out your buyer cannot complete the transaction.  With my unique buyer qualifying method I will pre-screen all potential buyers before your house goes into escrow. I don't leave anything to chance. I handle all the details, guide you every step along the way, and keep you informed. I do whatever it takes to get your home sold and find a home for you.

I never forget I am dealing with people not houses, that's why I don't treat my customers with cookie cutter approach.

For An Anxiety Free

Real Estate Experience Call Me Now Or

Anytime In The Future


Cell: 909-239-6115

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